Perhitungan keberuntungan seseorang didasarkan kepada jam dan tanggal lahir seseorang. DariDemikianlah jam dan tanggal lahir seseorang menjadi dasar perhitungan keberuntungan seseorang dikarenakan jam dan tanggal lahir seseorang tsb bersifat tetap dan menjadi identitas pencari.

Data dicari berada dalam catatan 1000 tahun database penelitian berkelanjutan dari generasi ke generasi dan selalu diupdate keakuratannya oleh para Master Tiog Goan dari zaman Tiongkok Kuno tsb.

Istilah yang umum dipakai adalah Berat Tulang.

Berat Tulang lahir diberi angka dari range 2.2 sampai 7.1

Dengan demikian, angka Berat Tulang lahir yang paling tinggi adalah 7.1 dan sekaligus juga menyatakan bahwa seseorang yang lahir dengan angka tsb mempunyai hoki yang sangat baik.

Berat Tulang mempunyai range 2.2 sampai 7.1 yang didapat dari perhitungan jam dan tgl lahir Anda. 

2.2 Down and Out

Downcast, chilling your bones, you hold a beggar’s cup;

For you right now, things just aren’t looking up.

2.3 The Drifter

Lost, abandoned, left alone;

You wander here and there – a rolling stone.

2.4 A Loser

Nothing achieved, deserted, nowhere to sleep;

You perish in old age with none to weep.

2.5 Outcast

Cast out, you strive to make your way;

And in old age, perhaps you may.

2.6 The Loner

Early in life you start your way alone;

With luck, you make the world your own.

2.7 On Your Own

No one will help, so do not ask;

Just set your shoulder to the task.

2.8 The Dreamer

A floating leaf, you drift and dream;

And find no harbour in the stream.

2.9 Late Bloomer

Before age 40, efforts end in tears;

Change your name and place for better years.

3.0 Trial and Error

You run to the East and run to the West;

Strive all your life with little rest.

3.1 Safe and Sure

You spend your youth in working hard;

So mid-life brings a just reward.

3.2 Better Times Ahead

You make your way by starting small;

And at your prime are standing tall.

3.3 Life Writ On Water

Your life like water runs downhill;

But in old age you drink your fill.

3.4 Cloistered

From earthly goals your soul refrains;

You look above for loftier gains.

3.5 Caution Advised

Beware sly partners, risky deals;

Caution rewards you, dig your heels.

3.6 Fortune’s Child

Guardian angels keep you in their care;

Protecting those who do their share.

3.7 Tremors

Money comes and goes, it’s nipped and tucked;

A few good years and then hard luck.

3.8 Limitations

In youth, not strong but better later.

From mid-30s, your powers are greater.

3.9 Empty Hands

Struggle you may, nothing goes quite right;

Life’s an empty dream, no goal in sight.

4.0 Decisive

You pass hard tests and make your way;

In the end, tough-mindedness will pay

4.1 An Interesting Life

In nonconforming youth things come and go;

But after mid-life you are with the flow.

4.2 Don’t Worry

What matter if your work seems tame;

Later comes money and with it, fame.

4.3 The Good Life

Let others think you are softy;

In middle years your place is lofty.

4.4 Easy Does It

Don’t press too hard to win the race;

Success is destined – at its own pace.

4.5 Impatient

Peace and pleasure – where are they hiding?

Seek support with hope abiding.

4.6 Escapist

All your life you’re on the run;

Seeking a warm spot in the sun.

4.7 Milk and Honey

Good life, good sons will keep you going;

Money comes like water flowing.

4.8 Disappointment

Unless you will try hard while young;

Your aimless life will pass unsung.

4.9 Helping Hands

Whatever you build will nicely grow;

Fortunate friends help make it so.

5.0 Ego Problem

In youth, self-centred, you find much stress;

Older and wiser, you achieve success.

5.1 Enjoy

Once you determine your lifestyle;

Fortune greets you with a smile.

5.2 Contentment

You are one that luck is pleased to meet;

So pick a spot on Easy Street.

5.3 Join the Millionaire’s Club

You have pockets lined with gold;

Money seeks you, young or old.

5.4 Wealthy and Wise

Fine home, fine food, fine clothes – the right;

Of one who’s steady, honest, bright.

5.5 High Honours

You may start slow, with little money;

Then Fortune strikes – and all is sunny.

5.6 Wisdom

You taste experiences of every kind;

To stretch the range of your amazing mind.

5.7 Forever Spring

All is abundance – like the earth in bloom;

Take what life brings- and give good fortune room.

5.8 Born to Fame

Long life, good fortune and your name in lights-

These come to you as natural rights.

5.9 A Charmed Life

You arise from the sea on the cockle shell;

Greatly achieve, go far and, yes, do well.

6.0 Wealth and Honour

Good fortune follows learning. The Fates

Promise wealth, honours, holdings of vast estates.

6.1 High Repute

You are destined to achieve an honoured place;

Wealth, fame are yours. All people know your face.

6.2 Acclaim

Your academic feats will help you rise;

To high position – wonderful and wise!

6.3 Make History

Some rare achievement gives such fame;

That future generations speak your name.

6.4 Authority

With such a commanding role, one can assume;

There’re jade and gold in the storage room.

6.5 Warrior and Poet

True greatness comes to one whose destiny;

Is winning wars and writing poetry.

6.6 Gold Mountain and Jade Garden

A life shaped by Fortune – beauty and wealth surround;

One in whom heavenly virtues so abound.

6.7 Peace and Prosperity

Superior fortune – good family, wealth and peace;

Prosperity can only show increase.

6.8 Bamboo Fortune

Here Fate drifts like a little boat-

Ten years in backwater, ten years afloat.

6.9 Fortune’s Star

Blessed by Heaven, Good fortune, pleasures fall

About you – famous, rich, honoured by one and all.

7.0 The Palace

Velvet hangings, golden halls – what odds

Make one the darling of the gods?

7.1 Emperor

Wealth, power, honours – I AM THE KING!

All I possess is EVERYTHING?

demikianlah nasib yang paling TOP di Angka 7.1 = nasib Emperor.

saran saya, bagi yang beruntung, karena nasib Anda yang begitu bagus tentunya Anda ingin agar selalu tetap dalam keadaan nasib bagus demikian, nah Anda butuh untuk sering melakukan derma kepada orang yang membutuhkan.


Promo= Paket analisa Ba Zi, hoki jam lahir, usaha yang cocok untuk Anda, FengShui, potensi diri, berbayar, lengkap dengan penjelasan yang sangat lengkap (contoh dibawah hanya sebagian mengingat keterbatasan tempat), hanya Rp. yang sangat terjangkau bagi Anda.

Data yang dibutuhkan = jam lahir, nama lahir, nama panggilan, gol. darah.

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